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No need to turn your screen to read text upside down. Want to learn how to rotate a piece of text, turn the letters upside down and flip your font around? Then read on…


Below is a cool upside down text generator that allows you to type upside down text instantly. It flips your font, rotating every (lowercase) letter 180 degrees (not just reversed or backwards) as well as special characters, like an upside down question mark and an upside down exclamation point. You can then copy-paste the rotated text as your status updates or wall posts. A definite eye-catcher! A few other suggestions for usage are listed below the flip text generator. The recently added Reverse button mirrors your flipped text so it can be read from left to right. Do you like this? Then become a fan of upside down status updates on Facebook!


Where can you use the rotated text?

  • Use the upside down text in your status updates and wall posts, like this:
    Rotate text upside down
  • Use a flipped word as your ultra-strong Facebook password.
  • Enter your name and use the rotated result as your first and last name on Facebook! Looks cool and nobody will be able to find you on Facebook. Note that name changes are verified by Facebook and special characters are not allowed, so there’s a chance it’ll be reverted to your normal name.
  • Use the upside down text as your personal status message on Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger)
  • Post upside down text on Facebook chat, Twitter, blogs, comments, forums, MySpace, Netlog, Bebo, Hi5, Yahoo! Messenger, Flickr, AIM, eBuddy, Meebo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc.

Important sidenote: The upside down text requires UTF-8 and may not display as desired on certain websites, older Windows versions and non-Windows platforms such as certain mobile devices.

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